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Averhart Collins is accepting applications for a Senior Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist

Please read through the following information and fill out the application form below. After submitting the form, email your resume to


If your qualifications and experience meet our needs we will contact you to schedule an interview. 

Required Qualifications

  • Master's Degree

  • Certification of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology

  • California State Speech Pathology License

  • Experience working with children

  • License must be unencumbered, with ability to accommodate Speech Therapy Assistants (SLPAs)

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

Assessments: Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify children's developmental strengths and areas of concern. Utilize standardized tools and clinical observations to gather relevant information and formulate appropriate intervention plans.


Therapy Interventions: Develop and implement individualized therapy plans tailored to each child's unique needs. Utilize evidence-based techniques and therapeutic activities to address motor skills, sensory processing, cognitive development, and other relevant areas.


Parent Education: Collaborate with caregivers to provide education on developmental milestones, strategies to support their child's progress at home, and techniques to enhance the child-caregiver relationship.


Goal Setting: Work with the child's family and other members of the therapeutic team to establish measurable goals and objectives for therapy sessions.


Progress Monitoring: Regularly assess and document the child's progress towards the established goals, adjusting intervention plans as needed to ensure optimal outcomes.


Collaborative Approach: Collaborate effectively with speech-language pathologists, pediatricians, and other professionals to provide integrated and comprehensive care for the child.

Documentation: Maintain accurate and up-to-date documentation of assessment results, treatment plans, progress reports, and other necessary records.


Professional Development: Stay abreast of the latest research, best practices, and advancements in the field of pediatric occupational therapy to continuously enhance the quality of care provided.

Supervision and Monitoring: The licensed Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) will provide direct supervision and ongoing monitoring of the licensed Speech Language Pathologist Assistant (SLPA) to ensure high-quality care and adherence to professional standards. The collaboration between the SLP/ SLPA is essential to optimize the therapeutic outcomes for our clients and their caregivers.

Clinical Duties:

  • Complete assessments of speech difficulties and develop treatment plans based on the patient's specific needs

  • Assesses educational needs of the client, family, caregiver and provides education to meet those needs.

  • Establishes age specific plan of care and functional goals based on evaluation results, and regularly incorporates other disciplines, client/family, into treatment planning, documenting the client/family/caregiver’s understanding of goals, explaining rationale and methods necessary to carry out treatments. Seeks guidance in this area as appropriate.

  • Hold a caseload of 30-35 billable hours weekly for full time employees

  • Provide speech therapy to children with speech difficulties (including language delay, stuttering, autism spectrum disorder, and developmental disabilities)

  • Complete Evaluations & Treatments

  • Attend or complete IEP meetings

  • Communicate/Consult with team members regarding student progress

  • Record evaluations, complete daily treatment notes, complete attendance logs

  • Report writing (IEPs, progress reports, assessments).

  • Provides evidence-based and patient-centered treatment for all clients

  • Consistently re-evaluates effectiveness of ongoing treatment plan, instituting appropriate changes in care plan. Seeks guidance in this area as appropriate.

  • Accurately documents all client encounters in the ACSTS electronic medical record per clinic procedures in a timely manner and in compliance with state regulations

  • Collaborates and communicates appropriately with families, teachers, and other clinical staff

  • Maintain professional competence through continued education and clinical leadership development

  • Collaborates with Office Manager, Billing Department and Owner to support the overall client/family experience at ACSTS

  • Is action oriented, an ethical decision maker, and collaborative team member

  • Provide excellent patient care by building rapport with patients and parents/guardians.

Supervision Responsibilities:

  • Guidance and Instruction: Provide clear guidance and instructions to the SLPA on the specific therapy goals and intervention plans for each child. This may include discussing the child's individual needs, therapy techniques, and recommended strategies for implementation.

  • Collaborative Goal-Setting: Work collaboratively with the SLPA to set achievable goals for therapy sessions and review progress regularly. The SLPA’s input and observations will be valued in determining the child's progress and making necessary adjustments to the intervention plan.

  • Modeling Techniques: The SLP Supervisor may demonstrate therapeutic techniques and activities to the SLPA to ensure proper implementation and consistency in therapy sessions.

  • Monitoring Progress: Regular meetings will be conducted with SLPAs to discuss clients’ progress, challenges faced during therapy, and potential modifications required for the intervention plan.

  • Observation and Feedback: Observe therapy sessions conducted by the SLPA periodically and provide constructive feedback to enhance their skills and effectiveness in delivering therapy.

  • Reviewing Documentation: Review the SLPA’s documentation, including progress reports, session notes, and other records, to ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with regulatory standards.

  • Addressing Concerns: If any concerns or challenges arise in the SLPA's performance, the OT/OTR will provide guidance and support to address them promptly. This may include additional training or clarification on therapeutic techniques.

Clinic Location

9650 Telstar Ave. El Monte, CA 91731

Please fill out the form below to express interest in the position. You can then email your resume to
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