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Averhart Collins Speech Therapy Services

Helping Children Find Their Voice For Over Two Decades

Averhart Collins Speech Therapy Services specializes in speech and language services for children birth to 18 years old. We offer early intervention services through 3 regional centers and private speech and language therapy for school-aged children.

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Starting early helps children meet developmental milestones

Averhart Collins Speech Therapy Services provides early intervention speech, language, and social skills therapy for children between the ages of birth to 3 years old, who are experiencing delays in their development. Therapy is focused on guiding children on the path to meeting their milestones during the most important developmental years.

We put the pieces of the puzzle together to help kids succeed.


Speech and Language

Therapy Services 

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Our team uses a combination of conversation, observation, standardized assessments, and therapist-child interaction, to develop an understanding of the child's skills and areas of difficulty. Evaluations are used to guide individualized therapy plans and goals. 

Speech, Language and Therapy

We are dedicated to supporting children in achieving lasting communication success. Our therapists use a mix of play-based therapy, parent coaching, and direct therapy to help each child work towards their individual goals.



Telepractice is an option for delivering services to families who are social distancing or outside of our service area. Our team conducts evaluations and provides therapy to families on their choice of platform (phone, tablet, or computer). Just like in-person therapy, we use a coaching model for delivering services. During the session, parents engage with their child while being guided by the therapist. Telepractice is open to anyone in the state of California. 

Hanen Program

The Hanen It Takes Two to Talk® and More Than Words® programs are designed to empower parents with the strategies to play, read, and interact with their child in meaningful ways. They also teach parents how to identify opportunities for practice within daily routines and play. The Hanen program and parent coaching are great options for our youngest clients who may not be ready for direct therapy. 


Wanda Averhart-Collins is a highly regarded speech-language pathologist and the founder of Averhart-Collins Speech Therapy Services, specializing in providing in-home speech and language services to children ages 1-3 years old and their families. She brings over 25 years of experience to her practice. 

Wanda Averhart-Collins, M.A., CCC-SLP


Success Stories

Jonathan C.

"It is through her support that I am able to be speaking in front of you all today..."

Watch Jonathan's full success story here.

Jonathan C.png

Natalia C.'s Mother

"It is through her support that I am able to be speaking in front of you all today..."

Natalia C.jpg

Sebastian C.'s Mother

"I saw a lot of changes. He signs now, points to pictures in books, completes 12 piece puzzles, follows directions and, he knows more words."

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